This is the sometimes defunct RCR record, CD-R and cassette label. Bringing tape hiss to the people since 1995. Mmm, tape hissss... And oh, there's plenty more stuff, too. Maybe someday I'll put them all up. It's just an archive right now, but I'd sell you something if you bugged me enough.
        Here Come the Weak Hits. Get it. Eno cover rip-off and all. This is a co-release with Semi-Roar. E.G. is big in Japan.      
Enola Grey--The 7''. Syrupie, soupie lo-fi, lovelorn and shop worn. Original hand-drawn covers, to boot.
Quaint--Late night, front porch, Las Vegas four-track folk. Oh, the kids will like it, we said.
    This is a 4-way split comp. Four bands, four labels. Y'up, it's just that golden.